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Hi, I am a new user. Can you tell me where to find instructions on playback of multiple sources? I have read the section on aligning and bookmarking, but having troubling controlling which video is playing. I tried the obvious clicking on the video icon in the Controller without obvious success. thank you.

Windows 10, PC, the video file name is .mp4 but I had to use the javafx dropdown option to successfully import it. However, in Datavyu, it has a VLC icon !?!

asked 23 May '17, 01:13

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I've verified the VLC icon showing for JavaFX plugin. I don't think this is indicative of something wrong with the playback but I'll pass this along for further testing.

As for playback with multiple data sources, playback will proceed along the controller from left to right. There are controls underneath each of the video labels in the controller window to adjust visibility (eye icon), audio level (speaker icon), size (magnifying glass icon), etc. You can use them to hide certain tracks from playing. AFAIK there aren't any hotkey shortcuts for them so you will need to use a mouse to adjust those settings.

Playback proceeds along all tracks. The current position is depicted by the "needle" (the red vertical line in the controller window). Any video whose track falls underneath the needle will play. You can hide specific videos by toggling the eye icon underneath each of the video icons.

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answered 25 May '17, 17:27

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OK, thank you Shohan, I will work on this. J

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answered 25 May '17, 18:26

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