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I have a windows computer, how do I install OpenSHAPA?

asked 22 Sep '11, 12:21

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Before you Install

Before installing, you will need to check that your computer has a few things that are required to run OpenSHAPA the list of things you need installed on your machine is as follows:


When you download OpenSHAPA for windows, it comes in two flavours the latest official release found on the main OpenSHAPA page and development snapshots, the later containing the very latest development work, and are a little unstable. However we need your help to try and test the latest features.


After the above software packages are installed, the installation of OpenSHAPA itself is fairly simple. Unzip the file and go into the directory that is created. In this directory you should find an file "openshapa-x.exe", where x is the version of OpenSHAPA that you downloaded. Double click this file and OpenSHAPA will start.

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answered 09 Nov '11, 16:05

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