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I am trying to synch two videos in OpenSHAPA.

When using MacSHAPA, I used to synch the videos manually in Final Cut Pro, save it as one file with the frames one on top of each other, and then use it in MacSHAPA as one video.

Because two videos can be viewed at the same time in OpenSHAPA, I am hoping that there is a way to synch them in OpenSHAPA and save them so that every time I open the coding file, the videos are already synchronized.

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated! Also, I'm relatively new at all of this so layman's terms would be ideal.

Thank you!!

asked 05 Sep '12, 02:57

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1) The first step to running/coding two videos at once is to open them both. Select "Add Data" and open the first video in the Data Viewer Controller. This will add that video file to one track in the track viewer to the right of the controller.

Now select "Add Data" again and open the second video. This will add that video file to another track.

2) Positions the video windows so you can see both simultaneously. Now highlight the track for video 1 by clicking on it in the track viewer (it will turn green).

Using the track cursor (the orange arrow and line) or playing/jogging/shuttling the video with the controller, find the point in video 1 you'd like to sync both videos to. Click the "Add Bookmark" button to mark this sync point.

3) Unhighlight the video 1 track by clicking on it (it will turn blue again) and highlight the video 2 track by clicking on it (it will turn green). Repeat the procedure above to find and add a bookmark to the sync point in video 2.

4) Now drag one of the video tracks to the right (or left) such that the two bookmark/sync points are aligned. The software will snap them into place and display a larger purple line across the two tracks when they are aligned properly.

5) Click the "Lock All" button to keep the two videos aligned to the bookmark point. Now when you play/jog/shuttle, both videos should be moving in sync.

If you need to redo the synching, click "Unlock All" to be able to move the tracks again. Right clicking on a bookmark and selecting "Delete bookmark at ..." will allow you to select a new sync point/bookmark in that video. Just repeat the process above to set, sync, and lock the new points.

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answered 28 Nov '12, 09:29

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