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Dear OpenShapa Developers

I tried to import data files generated on MacShapa but I encountered a problem during the migration

I followed the very clear description of the steps found on the website (

Unfortunately, after running the script the following message appeared :

Converting /Users/clementguerin/Documents/Recherche/Ordonnancement/OpenShapa/S01_C2I1R1.db ** SCRIPT ERRROR ** @Line -1:'org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: Native Exception: 'class org.openshapa.models.db.legacy.SystemErrorException'; Message: Database::colNameInUse(name): name is invalid; StackTrace: org.openshapa.models.db.legacy.SystemErrorException: Database::colNameInUse(name): name is invalid at org.openshapa.models.db.legacy.Database.colNameInUse( '

This message is really not understandable for me that's why i beg your help please

I would appreciate your attention to this matter

Clément Guerin

asked 28 Oct '11, 19:12

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The error you are getting is because OpenSHAPA does not appear to accept the column names coming from your MacSHAPA file. Would you be able to list the names and types from your MacSHAPA file?

(30 Oct '11, 12:44) Clinton Clinton's gravatar image

Thank you for your answer Clinton. In this MacShapa file there are 4 column (variables) : 1) "VerbSuj" => text type 2) "Commentaires" => text type 3) "Activité" => predicate type 4) "Action" => predicate type


(30 Oct '11, 22:34) clementguerin clementguerin's gravatar image

The column "Activité" appears to be causing OpenSHAPA the problems, it doesn't appear to like the accented "é". The temporary work around would be to replace it with a regular 'e'. We are currently implementing some new features that will greatly improve multiple language support in OpenSHAPA.

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answered 31 Oct '11, 11:18

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Thanks Clinton

I modified the accented "é" by a regular "e" but another message appeared

Converting /Users/clementguerin/Documents/Recherche/Ordonnancement/OpenShapa/S01_C2I1R1.db ** SCRIPT ERRROR ** @Line -1:'org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: bad value for range'

I can send you the MacShapa file if necessary.

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answered 31 Oct '11, 20:07

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Yeah. Fire across the MacSHAPA file and we will take a look. I might be that more accented characters are in the file.

(01 Nov '11, 10:03) Clinton Clinton's gravatar image

I guess you're right about accented characters (french verbal reports) Do i need to send the file at the following adress : [email protected], and indicating "for Clinton" or something like that ? Many thanks

(02 Nov '11, 17:46) clementguerin clementguerin's gravatar image

Yeah fire it over to that email address - looks like can't add attachments to this yet. Also have a try at removing accented characters from the file.

(03 Nov '11, 14:13) Clinton Clinton's gravatar image
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