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Hello. I apologize in advance for the length of this post but we want to be thorough. We have a reliability script that sends back an error message when ran. The script and the error message that it returns are below.

begin # Get the variable we want to do reliability on. # In "getVariable()" function is name of variable where primary data is coded with punctuation removed. look = getVariable("Look")

    # Remove any previous reliability column.

    # Make reliability column.
    # In "make_rel()" function is name of rel column, column to base rel column on,
    # then how frequent to sample primary column: 4=every 4th cell, 3=every 3rd cell, etc.
    # Then list of arguments to give the rel coder; any not included will be blank.
    rellook = make_rel("RelLook", "Look", 4, "onset")

    # Set the rel column in spreadsheet to the cells pulled from primary as specified above.            
    setVariable("RelLook", rellook)


** SCRIPT ERRROR ** @Line -1:'org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: Native Exception: 'class org.openshapa.models.db.legacy.SystemErrorException'; Message: ColumnList::getColumn(targetName): targetName not in nameMap; StackTrace: org.openshapa.models.db.legacy.SystemErrorException: ColumnList::getColumn(targetName): targetName not in nameMap at org.openshapa.models.db.legacy.ColumnList.getColumn( at org.openshapa.models.db.legacy.Database.getColumn( '

We have reviewed the variables and they seem to match the names of the variables in our coding. Is there an error that may be unrelated to the names specified?

asked 31 Jul '13, 15:03

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Don't worry about the length, thorough is good!

First, is the reliability column you're trying to delete in every file? If some files have the column and some don't, the script will crash when it tries to get a variable that doesn't exist. If this is the problem, a simple fix is to have it check if the variable already exists or not in an if statement like this:

if columns.include?("RelLook")

If the column you're trying to delete does exist in all the files, we need to do a bit more digging to find the problem. Try adding puts statements (puts is how you print to the scripting window) after each section of the code, like so:

if columns.include?("RelLook")
puts "Deleted old column"

rellook = make_rel("RelLook", "Look", 4, "onset")
puts "Created new column"

When you run the script, you can see how far through the script it gets before crashing by seeing where the puts statements stop printing to the window. Does that make sense? It's a useful way to debug any script, so it's good to keep in mind.

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answered 31 Jul '13, 16:21

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