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Hello, Can I export onset/offset times as they appear in the spreadsheet rather than the converted times in milliseconds? For example, I'd like to export: 06:25:000 (6:25 am) rather than the equivalent time in milliseconds.

My print script that includes an onset to be converted and exported as milliseconds looks like this: + timelocationcell.onset.to_s + "\t" Is there another type of conversion that I need to tag on the argument name in order to just get the raw entered time?

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asked 01 Oct '13, 09:54

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I'd like to add to the question above. The onsets/offsets of cells in my spreadsheet represent events that occur over the course of a 24-hr day. In SPSS, I'd like to be able to select out certain parts of the day, wake hours for example. How can I export the times of my events so that I would be able to select for different times of the day?

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answered 01 Oct '13, 19:48

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There's no built in function to convert time in ms to hours, minutes, seconds. If that's the format you ultimately want, you need to calculate it out (divide the ms by 3,600,000 to get the number of hours, take the remainder from that and convert to minutes, and so on). You could do this step either in a script or in SPSS, after importing the data.

However, if you just want to select data within a time window, there's another way. If you decide what times define your window - 6am to 10 pm for example - you can just figure out what those times are in ms, and in SPSS select using those two times in ms. Basically, convert your two window criteria, rather than converting all of your data.

Of course, either way I'm assuming your video starts from midnight (so that time 0 in your video is the start of the day). If time 0 of the video corresponds with 6am for example, you'll need to adjust by a constant, whether you convert all your data into hours:minutes:seconds or just figure out what the criteria are in ms.

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answered 04 Oct '13, 09:56

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