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I'm trying to measure inter-rater reliability between two independent sets of coding on the same variable. As of now, they are both on different spreadsheets and I want to be able to move them onto one spreadsheet in order to compare them. How do I go about linking the two sets of data in order to compare them?

asked 31 Oct '13, 17:38

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Sounds like transfer_columns is what you're looking for - it transfers a specific column from one spreadsheet to another.

Simply define a source file (samplesource.opf in the example) and a destination file (sampledestination.opf) and fill them into the first and the second parameters of transfer_columns (see third line in the example). The third parameter (it's set to false in the example) tells Datavyu to either remove the variable in the source file (true), or keep it (false). Fill in the name of your variable in the fourth parameter.

filepathFrom = File.expand_path("~/Desktop/samplesource.opf")
    filepathTo = File.expand_path("~/Desktop/sampledestination.opf")
    transfer_columns(filepathFrom, filepathTo, false, "thevariable")

Hope it helps.

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answered 03 Nov '13, 20:49

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GladysChan ♦♦
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How do I specify which column I want to transfer over in the spreadsheet? Whenever I try to use the script you gave me I get this error:

** SCRIPT ERRROR ** @Line -1:'org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: <script>:1: , unexpected null

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\cocoartf1138\cocoasubrtf510 ^'

Appreciate the help!

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answered 04 Nov '13, 20:02

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The fourth parameter in the third line defines the name of the column that you are transferring. Just put the name of the column inside the quotation marks. If you're still getting an error, can you upload your script and the files that you're trying to work with?

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answered 06 Nov '13, 18:16

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