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On the iMac that we use, we have to save the Datavyu file on the desktop in order for it to save, but when we open it from the desktop, it comes up blank. Instead, we have to open the Datavyu program first, and then open the file from there. Does anyone know how we can fix this issue so that we can save it to somewhere else besides the desktop without losing all of our data?

Does anyone also know if there is a shortcut to get to the offset of a cell, like the plus sign key (+) is to get to the onset of a movie?

asked 09 Dec '13, 11:12

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To jump to the offset, hold shift in while you hit the plus sign key.

If I'm reading your description right, it sounds like you're having two problems with saving/opening files. One is that when you try to open straight off the desktop (I'm guessing by double clicking the file) it opens a blank spreadsheet. But you can still open your files by starting the program, then opening the file (through File-Open in the menu probably). If this is the case, then it's a known bug. Opening by double-clicking on files isn't working right yet; you need to start the program first (this should be remedied in one of the next releases).

The thing about losing data if you save anywhere other than the desktop sounds different though - I need more information. What exactly do you do, and what goes wrong? Are the files never appearing when you save them someplace other than the desktop? Does a file get created but it doesn't have all your data in it when you open it again?

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answered 11 Dec '13, 22:48

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