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We are having a few issues with Datavyu,

  1. We've experienced some glitches in the program, for example, it often freezes up and stops running in the middle of coding forcing us to close the program and lose any unsaved data. Is there anything in particular that has perhaps been brought to your attention that may be contributing to this? (Ex: large data files, needs new update etc.) And if so, do you have any suggestions as to how to avoid this in the future?

  2. This one is a little more difficult to describe. When we started using Datavyu we used the same jog speed as we were using in openSHAPA (300). This is the best speed for us to move frame by frame. The difficulty we are having however is that when we are not only moving frame by frame (clicking the jog button once at a time) but using it to forward through the video with control (holding the jog button down) it forwards significantly more slowly than when we did this in OpenShapa. Is there something we can do to change this? Or would be have to change the actual jog speed (thus changing the frame by frame increments)?

asked 09 Dec '13, 13:17

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Lakusta Lab
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We've tested your video in almost the exact same settings as the ones you reported (same processor, amount of memory, OS version, Datavyu version) and we haven't experienced any lags. Unfortunately, since we are unable to recreate the lag, there isn't anything to troubleshoot on our end. We will pass the video on to the Datavyu developers and see if they have any idea.

Another thought: If you are accessing your video from a separate drive/ server, try placing your video in the local hard drive instead. Network connections could slow playback down.

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answered 12 Feb '14, 11:11

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GladysChan ♦♦
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Hi Gladys, Thank you for your help. We havent experienced the freezing issue in a while, but thank you for looking into this for us. We really appreciate your help, especially with the framerate!

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answered 12 Feb '14, 11:47

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Lakusta Lab
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