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Hey all,

I've had this reliability-generator script that aims to create one reliability cell for every two cells coded. See below:

begin setVariable("REL-FOOT", make_rel("REL-FOOT", "FOOT", 2, "onset")) setVariable("REL-SIDE", make_rel("REL-SIDE", "SIDEPREF", 2, "onset")) setVariable("REL-VOCS", make_rel("REL-VOCS", "VOCS", 2, "onset")) setVariable("REL-LIMB", make_rel("REL-LIMB", "LIMB", 2, "onset"))


The script has worked in OpenSHAPA before, but when I ran it in Datavyu (using the datavyu API), it generated reliability cells for all of the cells coded (instead of every other).

Has something changed in the scripting language in datavyu? If so, let me know so I can figure out how to generate the script as normal.


asked 11 Feb '14, 13:31

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I'm not sure why it's not working for you in datavyu but it is in openshapa. I've run similar scripts myself in datavyu and it worked. However, mine are slightly different and will hopefully work for you as well. The script is below.

require 'Datavyu_API.rb'


make_rel("REL-FOOT", "FOOT", 2, "onset") make_rel("REL-SIDE", "SIDEPREF", 2, "onset") make_rel("REL-VOCS", "VOCS", 2, "onset") make_rel("REL-LIMB", "LIMB", 2, "onset")


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answered 11 Feb '14, 14:17

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