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We are currently using a script to export our raw data from datavyu. We would like to use this script for a study with similar but not the exact same coding format. We did try to run the script we have on this other study but it is not working with that format. If we sent you the script and datavyu file would you mind taking a look to see why it isn't running?

Thank you!

Lakusta Lab

asked 20 Feb '14, 13:23

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Lakusta Lab
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Before you send us any files, would you mind elaborating on the coding format and your desired output for this new script to help us better understand your problem?

A script isn't always directly translatable. Beyond modifying the variable and arguments, you often have to change the structure of the script as well (how it loops over columns and cells), especially if the structure of your spreadsheet has changed.

Thank you!

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answered 20 Feb '14, 14:28

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GladysChan ♦♦
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Hi Gladys,

With this new study and data, the information within most variables are the same. The only difference is that we now have less arguments within the Look variable (removing audio onset/offset, preposition onset/offset), so we are only coding looking times and direction. We're hoping this is an easy fix, but please let us know if you can assist us with this!

Thanks so much!

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answered 24 Feb '14, 15:14

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Lakusta Lab
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I received your email w/ the script and example file and have sent a working version back. I'm also replying on the forum for the community at large to use.

The 2 scripts that I sent are identical in every way except that the one w/o the A at the end doesn't work on our computers in the lab. I don't know why, nor does our tech person, but we're trying to figure it out. I sent you both because the one w/o the A is a changed version of script file that you sent me, so it may work on your computers while the one w/ the A may not.

Please let me know which works on your machines so that we can try and diagnose the issue. If you could also tell me what operating system your computers use and what text editor you used to create the script that would be helpful.

The script you sent was very close to working and I only needed to make 3 changes. I've listed the problems below.


  1. No offset to the Sub Info variable - This meant that your binding statement "if stimcell.onset >= subcell.onset and stimcell.offset <= subcell.offset" made sure that the script wasn't going to moved past this line because none of your stimcell.offsets were less than 00:00:00:000.

  2. The space needed to be removed from Sub Info - The script wasn't recognizing the variable/column name because of the space.

  3. subcell.cond should have been subcell.condition - This was because the code name is condition, not cond.

The 1st and 2nd problems will have to be corrected in your datavyu files for the the script to work. The 3rd problem is fixed by the script.

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answered 26 Feb '14, 20:23

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david ♦
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edited 26 Feb '14, 20:24

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