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We have been using OpenSHAPA and now Datavyu on a Mac computer. Now we are trying to use the newest stable version of Datavyu on our PCs in our lab. We are able to open the videos and play them through Datavyu on the PCs, but the videos are very choppy and do not play smoothly when we use the PCs. We have several PC computers that range in age and the videos are choppy on all of the computers. We are using the Quicktime plug in and are using videos that were converted into mp4 files. Since we are able to play the same video files perfectly fine on the Mac computer, we are thinking it may have something to do with the video playing capabilities of the PCs or maybe the files need to be converted in a different way in order for the videos to play smoothly in Datavyu on the PCs. Can anyone provide us with specific instructions on how the videos should be converted in order to play smoothly in Datavyu or more information about the type of video card that would fix this problem? Thanks.

asked 07 Apr '14, 14:38

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After testing videos on multiple PC's. We found that video playback at full speed is choppy for PCs with CPU's less than 2.67 GHz. The videos will jog but will not play smoothly for older computers with less processing power.

Although not extensively tested, VLC is another option for individuals who are coding on PC's. You can change the "Plugin" to VLC instead of the defaulted QuickTime when you "Add Data" with the Data Viewer Controller.

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answered 16 May '14, 12:51

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Amanda, can you please send me some of your video files so I can do some testing? I apologize for the inconvenience and I want to assure you that we are working to pinpoint this problem. My email is [email protected] You can send me the files over google drive if they are too large for an email.

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answered 05 May '14, 12:11

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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For what it's worth, I sometimes code on a PC and have noticed the same issue. The general rule of thumb for me though is that--unintuitively--larger/longer videos play fine on my PC, but shorter videos are almost uncodably choppy.

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answered 04 May '14, 21:26

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We've been able to replicate this issue with our PCs, and are working on a fix. Until we're able to fix this with a future release, we suggest using OpenSHAPA in the meantime.

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answered 10 Apr '14, 21:02

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