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Is it possible to access data from the gui (e.g. filename of the loaded movie, name of currently opened project-file,...) in a ruby-script? I didn't find anything in the documentation. I want to add data to the spreadsheet from a csv-file and determine the filename of that csv-file based on the filename of (a) currently loaded movie(s). Or alternatively based on the name of the current project-file.

greetings, Manuel

asked 04 Jun '14, 07:57

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I'd advise writing a script to loop over files in a directory rather than accessing currently opened file (if you need to import on multiple files to import data, having a batched import script will save you a significant amount of time). But if that's not feasible, above two lines will get you the name and directory of currently opened file or nil if none are open.

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answered 06 Jun '14, 15:40

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Shohan Hasan ♦♦
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Thanks for answer and advice. You pointed me to the right direction. To get the filename of the first loaded Moviefile I do the following:


Not pretty, I guess, but I have a hunch that it will be more comfortable for us compared to batched import.

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answered 11 Jun '14, 04:40

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