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Is there a script I can create to run after a file is completely coded? I want the script to validate each cell's onset as the same as the preceding cell's offset.

asked 14 Jul '14, 08:50

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m cunsolo
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Sorry for the delayed reply. There definitely is a script that can do this. I've pasted the script below.

require 'Datavyu_API.rb'


  #Define the trial column name 
  #(This script will work for you if you change the name after getVariable to the column name that you are checking through)
  trial = getVariable('trial')
  tcells = trial.cells

  # Begin loop over the cells in the trial column
  for i in 0..tcells.length-2

    # Checks to make sure that adjanect cells have the same onset and offset
    if tcells[i].offset != tcells[i+1].onset
      # This prints the errors in the scripting console that opens automatically by running the script
      puts("offset in cell #{tcells[i].ordinal} is not the same as cell #{tcells[i+1].ordinal} onset")


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answered 28 Jul '14, 13:07

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edited 28 Jul '14, 13:09

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