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I find that the playback timer is not correctly synced with my data, making my onsets and offsets highly inconsistent between views of my data.

For instance, an utterance I need to code might objectively (as in, when I view the video in a dedicated video player) occur with an onset of 00.30:000 and an offset of 00.33:000. Depending on how many times I pause before then, the speed I am reviewing the video at, and whether I start at the beginning of the data or use the "find" shortcut to jump to a particular cell's onset, when I review my coding the utterance might fall between 20 and 21 seconds, or 40 and 50 seconds, or anywhere in between. From one playback to another, neither the onset/offset times nor the duration is consistent. If it was off by a second or so, I would gladly write it off as human error, but since in certain instances it can be off by ten seconds or more, I don't think I'm entirely to blame.

This is particularly problematic because our group needs to code columns one at a time, and with this inconsistency the temporal alignment is nonexistent.

My first instinct was that my frame rate must be off, but I confirmed that was set correctly. I also tried both the quicktime and VLC options with no better luck either way. I'm currently on a PC, but I have had the same issue on a Mac as well.

I love this program, and it suits our needs perfectly, but I'm just stumped for what to try next to resolve this on my own. Any help at all would be very much appreciated!

asked 28 Oct '14, 13:15

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This isn't an issue that I've encountered before. Can you please send me your a file you're working on? My email is [email protected]

Also, how do you code this data (namely how to you code you onsets and offsets)?

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answered 01 Nov '14, 18:00

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