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Good evening,

I was wondering if it's possible in the future to be able to run scripts via the command line. I want to be able to pass ruby scripts to the Datavyu scripting engine from within another program (R). If this is something that isn't/won't be possible, can anyone suggest alternative approaches to automatically running Ruby scripts to Datavyu?

Thanks for the help.

asked 04 Nov '14, 21:11

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We do not have any published R scripting documentation but you are welcome to search online.

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answered 16 Jan '15, 11:30

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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Hm... That is a good question. I don't think this would be easy, at least without a lot of boilerplate code. It is definitely possible, but it might not be worth it. You'd have to load in all the Datavyu classes into jRuby (which isn't that bad), then create a new DatavyuDatabase, which also isn't that bad, but I imagine you'd also have to recreate a lot of the other startup code since so many things depend on so many other things.

That being said there is an R scripting interface in Datavyu, though it isn't as robust as the Ruby scripting interface since we never had anyone use it (as far as I know).

I think the easiest option would be to use Ruby to export the data for your files in a way that R likes and then do the processing in R, then from R export the data back and read it back in with Ruby scripts. You could launch the R scripts from Ruby if you wanted to automate the entire process, then launch that Ruby script inside Datavyu.

So it would look like Datavyu->Ruby Script->Write out data->Call R script that reads in that data and writes it back out->Read in new data from same Ruby script->put back into Datavyu files.

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answered 19 Nov '14, 14:10

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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Thanks for your answer! Your suggestion is pretty much what I have going on right now. I didn't know about the R scripting interface. Is there API documentation somewhere?

(15 Dec '14, 07:39) jmburling jmburling's gravatar image

i would also be interesting in finding out about the R scripting interface, are there links or documentation?

(13 Jan '15, 09:09) eb732 eb732's gravatar image
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