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What is the best option for video playback on a Mac running Yosemite? I understand VLC is not supported fully, but I see no way to add data with Quicktime. Even with Java and Quicktime 7 installed there is no way to "custom install" quicktime on a mac as you can on a PC, so the Java libraries just don't exist. For reference, when trying to add data, I get the errors: "Could not open data source: Could not initialize class quicktime.QTSession" and "(same as previous)...class"

I would prefer not to use VLC since I need the most up-to-date version of VLC for another project and since it is not fully implemented in Datavyu yet, but at the moment that seems to be the only option for video playback.

Any advice?

(Also, forgive me if this question has been asked elsewhere. The search function on this forum returns 0 results for any and all of my searches with "questions" selected.)

asked 11 Nov '14, 15:05

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LDP Natalie
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We are excited to announce that Datavyu version 1.3 now works on Yosemite! It even comes with a built-in Java!

You can download 1.3 here:

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answered 30 Mar '15, 11:53

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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We are still working on a solution to make Datavyu play videos on Yosemite. We will announce to everyone on our site and list serve as soon as a new compatible version of Datavyu is available. We apologize again for the inconvenience.

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answered 23 Feb '15, 10:29

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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Hi Vicky, I'm having this same problem when I try to open videos on my computer. Has this problem been fixed yet?

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answered 23 Feb '15, 09:38

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These are great questions!

As of right now, we are asking our users to not update their systems. Datavyu is not compatible with Yosemite because quicktime is not supported. You are right, VLC is not 100% implemented so we are working on an alternative. We are investigating solutions to the video plugin options right now and will let our users know what our plan is. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We suggest that our users use tags to find the questions they are interested in. Everyone has been great with great with tagging their posts.

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answered 11 Nov '14, 16:44

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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