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I have a file that was coded in version 1.0x, why won't it open in 1.11 or 2.00?

asked 07 Dec '11, 06:37

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Save formats were switched several times early on in OpenSHAPA's development. However, most files coded in older versions of OpenSHAPA should work just fine in the latest version. Unfortunately, it seems that every once and a while we encounter a file that will not open in a new version. To fix this, we have to run a script on the file that resaves it. Don't worry, it is easy!

Using the attached script, we only have to edit to parameters. If you scroll down to the bottom of the .rb file (just open it in any text editor, like Notepad or TextEdit), you will see the following section:


# =============================================================
  # Input directory is where your broken files are
  # Output directory is where you want your new files to be (the directory will
  #         be created if it does not exist)
  # ~ is  a shortcut for your user's home directory (/Users/username on Mac, C:\Users\username on Windows)
    # =============================================================
    input_directory = "~/Desktop/broken_files/"
    output_directory = "~/Desktop/fixed_files/"
    # =============================================================

On the line where it says "input_directory", we want to change the string on the right to be the directory where our files are, or just make a directory on your desktop called "broken_files" and just copy all of your files into there. Do the same for output_directory. The ~ character is just a shortcut for your user directory on your computer (/Users/username on a Mac, C:\Users\username on Windows 7). The script will then read in all of the files in the input_directory, and write new copies to the output_directory that are readable by the newest versions of OpenSHAPA.

Download script here.

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answered 07 Dec '11, 06:47

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Jesse ♦
accept rate: 53%

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