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Greetings once again,

We've noticed lately that all of our videos which we add to the Datavyu program have at least several frames missing from the end of the video, compared to when it's viewed in an outside media player.

Is this typical? Should we start exporting our videos with a second or two of dead space at the end?

Many thanks,


asked 05 Feb '15, 14:49

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We could not recreate this problem. What file format are your videos in?

For best practices, we suggest having a bit of dead space at the beginning and end of video data because video conversion/transcoding software frequently change videos by a few frames. You don't want to lose any data so this is just a good general practice.

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answered 05 Feb '15, 16:05

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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Hi Vicky,

They are .mov files, but we use the VLC plugin because we cannot get smooth playback using the quicktime plugin.

We'll make sure to incorporate the dead space from now on, since our videos are edited and exported a number of times in order to randomize them for blind coding.


(06 Feb '15, 16:51) CNSAdam CNSAdam's gravatar image


The missing frames is most likely because you are using the VLC plugin. I will warn you that it is not 100% tested and therefore we recommend using the Quicktime plugin. I know that Quicktime supports a limited set of videos but that is the plugin with little to no bugs.


(06 Feb '15, 18:10) Vicky Foo ♦♦ Vicky%20Foo's gravatar image
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