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For my study, I have a few columns that are all nested within one main one as well as additional columns that are not nested at all. For example, if I have a test trial type column with a cell that goes from 0:00-1:00, I have two separate columns (one for looks and one for language markers) that are both nested, although separately, within that first column's time stamp. Is there a way that I can extract both sets of nested data using one script? Right now I have two scripts and am running them separately and copying/pasting the information manually, so I'm hoping there's a way to modify my scripts to reduce the risk for error.

Relatedly, I also have columns that aren't nested; for example, I have a column that tells me what object the child chose on any given trial. Is there a way to extract that information along with the nested data above so that it is all in one output file?

asked 27 Apr '15, 15:54

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Probably there is a way. It depends on what you have in mind for the output. What should each row look like, or, what does each row look like after you've pasted the two outputs together?

From your description, it sounds like there's one object cell for each trial cell. Is that correct? If that's the case, do the test trial cell and its object cell share cell onset (0:00 in your example) or offset (1:00)?

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answered 29 Apr '15, 13:07

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