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Hi- I had my videos connected to the datavyu file. They were synched and coded within the file. However, do to some lab reorganization (folders were moved) the video's path changed and now are no longer attached to the datavyu file. Is there anyway to correct the video path and reconnect the videos or do I have to upload them again and recode? Thank you.

asked 02 Jun '15, 14:28

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To correct a video path, you have to add the video back to each datavyu file but you will not lose any of your coded data. It will all still be there with the same onset and offset times. Once you add your video file and save, opening the datavyu file will then open the video that corresponds with it.

If you have a programming background, you could write some code to unzip all of your datavyu files and change the video paths for them. We cannot help with the code but you are welcome to try that way.

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answered 02 Jun '15, 15:18

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Hi Vicky, The other issue is that I have two videos that have been synched together. So would I also have to re-synch the videos? Would having a code make it so I wouldn't have to re-synch them? Thank you.

(02 Jun '15, 15:26) lrcolosimo lrcolosimo's gravatar image

If you fix the video paths to your Datavyu files and as long as no names of videos or files have changed, Datavyu will remember the synchronized points so you will not have to re-synchronize them.

If the names to your files or videos did change, you can still pull the synchronization offset information out of the datavyu zip file (as long as you didn't save over the files that stored that information).

(02 Jun '15, 15:44) Vicky Foo ♦♦ Vicky%20Foo's gravatar image
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