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I am having trouble with media file playback. Files will play for several seconds, then pause briefly, then jump forward. The files play normally when I watch them in quicktime or vlc. (The files are in mp4 format and we play them in datavyu through quicktime.) Has anyone run into similar issues? Any troubleshooting suggestions?

asked 15 Oct '15, 17:34

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Penina Backer
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I apologized for my lack of response. I did not see your message. For computer power, I mean the specs of the computers that you are using. Here are our recommended specs from our download page: System requirements: Java 1.6-7, at least 1GB RAM, 1.2 GHz (CPU) processor for Macs and 2.67 GHz (CPU) for Windows.

Were you able to play the videos better with the newer version of Datavyu?

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answered 02 Dec '15, 11:54

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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Our download page provides suggested system requirements. You can see them here: There is no guarantee that videos will play smoothly in Datavyu. We have had many video playback issues with Windows.

Steps you can take to see if your videos will play smoothly in Datavyu: 1. Try playing your video in the most recent version 2. Ensure your frame rate for your video is correct. This can be edited in the steps per second box on the Datavyu Controller 3. Try to convert one of your videos to an mp4 format using handbreak (a free video coding tool) or any other conversion program. Try to see if it helps the playback in Datavyu.

We have limited resources and unfortunately cannot do more to accommodate better video playback.

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answered 22 Oct '15, 15:28

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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If the videos have always played poorly, it might be the power of your computer.

I suggest downloading 1.3.4 and seeing if the playback is better. You can have both datavyu versions on your computer so you can see if the new version works without deleting your stable 1.2 version.

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answered 20 Oct '15, 11:31

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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Thanks for the information Vicky!

Unfortunately the files play the same in the 1.3.4 version. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by computer power? (i.e., Are there common computer-power-related issues with datavyu that I can bring up with our in-house tech support? Are there any recommendations for computer capacity beyond the system requirements?)

(22 Oct '15, 15:01) Penina Backer Penina%20Backer's gravatar image

Can you please provide the datavyu version that you're using and the type of computer that you're on. Also, have datavyu videos ever played smoothly for you before or is this your first time trying to play videos?

If this is suddenly broken, did you happen to update any version of datavyu, quicktime, or java?

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answered 19 Oct '15, 12:33

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Vicky Foo ♦♦
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I'm using datavyu version 1.2 on a Dell PC. The files have not been playing smoothly at least since our coders started using datavyu about a month ago. Unfortunately, I can't remember whether files ran smoothly before then.

I have not recently updated datavyu, and it does not look like our ISS department recently updated java or quicktime on our computers.

(19 Oct '15, 19:23) Penina Backer Penina%20Backer's gravatar image
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