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I want to write a script that will automatically add a reliability column for every other cell based on the codes for a pass I've already coded. How do I go about doing this?

In this case, the output should look like:

column1        column2
|cell2|        |cell2|
|cell4|        |cell4|

asked 16 Jan '12, 16:03

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This is really easy to do in a script. To do this we use the function make_rel.

make_rel takes several arguments:

make_rel(relname, var_to_copy, multiple_to_keep, *args_to_keep)
where relname is the name of the reliability column (e.g., "rel.trial")

var_to_copy is the name of the column to base the rel column off of (e.g., "trial")

multiple_to_keep is how many cells you want to skip between each cell. A value of 2 gives every other cell, 4 gives every fourth cell, 1 gives every cell, etc.

*args_to_keep is the list of arguments to carry over from the coded column to the rel column. For example, if I wanted to copy over the onset and offset because I didn't want the rel coder to have to code those, I would use:

make_rel("rel.trial", "trial", 2, "onset", "offset")

The * for args_to_keep simply means you can have as many as you want.

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answered 27 Jan '12, 08:32

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