Discover Datavyu

Datavyu is...

Prepared for Sharing

Datavyu file formats will be immediately compatible with the Databrary data library.

A Proven Success

Datavyu builds on the success of OpenSHAPA and the earlier MacSHAPA tool.

Built for You

Datavyu and its precursor OpenSHAPA are used by hundreds of behavioral scientists with diverse interests in behavior, especially development.

With Datavyu, you can...

View multiple data streams

Datavyu supports multiple data streams—video, audio, physiology, motion tracking, eye tracking—and links them together with a flexible, extensible coding spreadsheet that enables time-locked coding and visualization.

Record observations

Keyboard shortcuts and user-defined scripts let you navigate quickly and iteratively through data streams, adding comments, codes, and interpretations. Utterly flexible, user-defined codes enable researchers with widely differing needs to use the same tools.

Automate data extraction, analysis

Script higher-order analyses in Ruby or export data for statistical analysis. Scripting also ensures that multi-step data cleaning or manipulation procedures run the same way every time, increasing data reliability and reducing errors.

Build on prior analyses

By adding new data columns, you can build on prior work. Enhance it. Compare reliability between coders.