Welcome to Datavyu’s documentation!

Welcome to Datavyu’s documentation!


Datavyu is a complete software package for visualizing and coding behavioral observations from video data sources. Designed by - and for - behavioral scientists, Datavyu facilitates data coding and sharing through the ongoing Databrary data library project.


Datavyu is an open source software package. You should familiarize yourself with previous version’s release notes, to be aware of each version’s features and potential issues. If you encounter a bug, you can report it and get help by posting to the support forum.

In addition to the powerful software package, Datavyu provides a Ruby-based API to help you automate common tasks and ensure accuracy in your data. The API greatly enhances the Datavyu experience, and is well worth the effort of learning some programming fundamentals.

When you are ready to start using Datavyu, the following chapters outline everything you need to know to become an expert Datavyu user, from first principles to advanced strategies.