Ruby API

Ruby API

The Datavyu scripting API provides a scriptable interface to Datavyu’s spreadsheet, allowing you to manipulate your data, export in any format you’d like, or check your data for errors.


Getting Started with APIs and Scripting


APIs, Application Program Interfaces, are collections of code that specify how software components communicate with each other. Datavyu’s API uses Ruby programming language, a popular object-oriented language. Ruby is reasonably easy to learn, and novice programmers can start writing scripts with minimal programming knowledge.

Before you dive into the API Tutorials, though, you should familiarize yourself with what an API is, learn about Ruby’s classes and methods and how they differ, and follow the Introduction to Scripting.

Core Documentation

The Datavyu Ruby API’s core documentation is organized into tutorials and reference pages. Tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for accomplishing common tasks with Ruby scripts. The Reference documentation provides a detailed reference for every class and method included in the API. This can be useful if you are uncertain about how to use a specific method or want an example of its use.