Walkthrough Videos

Walkthrough Videos

We have produced several videos that help illustrate Datavyu’s strengths and guide users through common tasks:

Tutorial Videos

Datavyu Components & Playback

Learn about Datavyu’s media player and video controller. Discover the power of Datavyu’s fingertip playback control. For more information see Getting Started and Controller Overview.

Time-Lock Events Codes to Video: Cells & Coding Spreadsheet

Learn how Datavyu time-locks video events to the coding spreadsheet. Dive into how a coding column and a “cell” within a coding column work. See examples of time-locking events to video. For more information see Spreadsheet Overview and Configure Columns and Codes.

Time-Lock Events Codes to Video: Coding Timestamps

Learn how to use Datavyu’s fingertip control functions to time-lock video to the coding spreadsheet. Explore three ways of inserting timestamps with appropriate use cases. For more information see :doc:’/guide/tutorials/add-cells’.

Short Walkthrough Videos

Modifying Columns & Font Size

See how to create, rename, and move columns. Learn how to increase and decrease font size on cell codes by “zooming.”

Modifying Codes with the Code Editor

See how the Code Editor can be used to create new columns and codes, rename codes, and change code order.

Spreadsheet Temporal Alignment

Watch how cells can be viewed relative to their duration across columns using temporal alignment in the coding spreadsheet.

Modifying Columns with a Script

See an example of how scripts can be used to modify coding spreadsheets. Learn about scrips with Ruby API documentation