checkValidCodes(column, dump_file, *arg_code_pairs)

Checks that all coded values in Datavyu conform to a the list of valid codes for that column.

Argument Type Description
column String The Datavyu column that to check
dump_file String, or Ruby File object Full path of the file to dump output to. Use “” to write to the console. You can also specify a Ruby File object.
*arg_code_pairs Key-value pairs List of code names and valid values, in the format “code_name”, [“valid1”, “valid2”], “code_name2”, [“valid3”, “valid4”], etc.


Console and/or file input.


The following example checks the validity of the codes for the “trial” Datavyu column:

check_valid_codes("trial", "", "hand", ["l","r","b","n"], "turn", ["l","r"],
    "unit", ["1","2","3"])