makeDurationBlockRel(relname, var_to_copy, binding, block_dur, skip_blocks)

Makes a duration-based reliability column. This creates two columns, one containing a cell with a number for that block, and another blank column for the free coding within the block.

Parameter Type Description
relname String The name of the reliability column you are creating
var_to_copy RColumn object Name of the column which you are copying, i.e.the existing column that you are creating a reliability column from.
binding String Column to bind the copy to.
block_dur Integer Length the blocks should be (in seconds)
skip_blocks Integer Determines the amount of space that should be left between each coding block. skip_blocks is an Integer. Each skipped block is the length specified by block_dur. If block_dur is 10 seconds, and skip_blocks is 5, then 50 seconds will be left between each coding block.


Nothing. Columns are automatically written to the spreadsheet.


The following example creates a duration-based reliability column from the “step” column.

require 'Datavyu_API.rb'