smoothColumn(colname, tol = 33)

Tweaks cell onsets so that there is a maximum of tol milliseconds between each cell. If two cells are less than tol apart, it moves on to the next pair of cells; if there is a larger gap than tol, the second cell’s onset is set to the first cell’s offset.

Parameter Type Description
colname String Name of the column that you wish to modify.
tol Integer The tolerance you are willing to accept between a cell’s offset and the next cell’s onset. By default, this is 33ms.


Nothing. In addition, smoothColumn automatically writes its changes back to the spreadsheet, so you do not need to write the changes using setColumn.


The following example checks the “trial” column’s cells to ensure that a maximum of 50ms between a cell’s offset and the subsequent cell’s onset.

require 'Datavyu_API.rb'
   smoothColumn("trial", 50)