Datavyu Tutorials provide comprehensive guidance for common tasks you might wish to perform.

Add a Column

Add a column to create a new coding pass or a new set of codes.

Rename a Column

Rename a column to better reflect your coding pass, to increase transparency, etc.

Delete a Column

Delete a column if the information is no longer needed.

Configure Datavyu Codes

Configure columns and codes to set up a spreadsheet for coding.

Add Cells

Add cells while coding or annotating a video file.

Delete a Cell

Delete a cell if the information is not needed.

Export Data

Export Data from Datavyu into a statistical package, into a text file, etc.

Use Scripts to Automate Tasks

Use scripts to automate tasks such as inserting, deleting, and modifying cells.

Code Multiple Data Sources

Code multiple data sources at once e.g., two or more videos recorded at the same time.

Convert File Formats

Convert file formats into an appropriate format for Datavyu.