Use Scripts to Automate Tasks

Use Scripts to Automate Tasks

Datavyu provides a full suite Ruby scripting API to help you focus more time on coding and spend less time performing routine tasks.

The Ruby API documentation guides you through writing scripts and provides context to help you become an adept Ruby script-writer regardless of your programming experience. You can also watch a video version of this tutorial:

Run Scripts

Before you can run a script, you must write one. Refer to the Ruby API documentation for scripting help.

  1. Save your script as a .rb file, and put it somewhere you will be able to find again, such as a Scripts folder on your desktop, or the location where you store your Datavyu files.
  2. In Datavyu, select the Script menu. The Script menu has two options: Run script and Run recent script.
  3. Select Run Script to choose a script that you have saved.
  4. A file selection window will open. Navigate to the correct folder and choose the script you wish to run.
  5. The Datavyu Scripting Console will open and run your selected script and display any errors that may arise. If Datavyu reports a script error, use the provided information to find it.
  6. You can close the Scripting Console when you receive a notification that the script has run successfully.

Scripts that you have recently run will be listed in the Run Recent Scripts menu in the Script menu. This makes it easy to repeatedly run the same scripts.